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keep oncoming. let's get to justin berk with what to expect for today. >> the good thing is as it tops out today, it should start to improve tomorrow. and a big dramatic improvement for the rest of the week. we have a head advisory. code orange air quality. heat advisory with the values up to 105. we will go for temperatures today that may tie a record high that may get lost in the mix. but we are looking at an isolated chance of thunderstorms disspied the wide spret outbreak and yesterday into the week -- widespread outbreak and yesterday into the week. a time-lapse i got from the naval academy. look at the clouds racing across the sky. partly to mostly cloudy skies. not much in the way of moisture around the region a little ground clutter. but there could be a burst of a surge around the chesapeake in the next hour or two. an isolated shower and temperatures near 80 and we are going for 97 tying a record high feeling like 105. it will get better and we will talk about that next. let's do traffic with tonya.
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>> reporter: good morning. 95 south of the city between the beltways we have some volume but no major delays. that's always good news. looking at the jfx at northern parkway, we have traffic flowing freely. 83 southbound at the jfx there. the southbound traffic as you make your way towards cold spring and downtown no incidents to report. it will build, though. we have serious accident that's been there all morning in carroll county. 30 at business 30. the accident is 1 southbound lane under police direction and open. a disabled vehicle 95 northbound at forth mchenry in the left lane of bore 3. charley. >> thanks. look at your screen. have you seen this boy. an amber alert was issued last night for 8-year-old darrick charles brown. you can see him there. police say he was abducted while walking with a group of friend near the 300 block of gwen avenue in southwest baltimore. witnesses say a light green newer model ford taurus like
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the one here pulled up. witness say one of the people in the car grabbed the boy and then threw him in the trunk and they sped off. take another look. this is darrick. seen wearing a black shirt with a red and white rocket on the front and black shorts when he was taken around 6:30 last night. if you've seen him call baltimore city police. they are look into whether or not the suspects may have known the child. 6:32 right now. we are in for another scorcher so get ready. this a code red heat alert. it's another hot day today. sherrie johnson is standing by live this morning in north baltimore with ways to beat the heat. sherrie. >> reporter: megan, yes, baltimore city public schools are closed because of the heat. the classrooms don't have ac and this is not a good day to be in there without ac so no class for students and staff. but i tell you on a day like today, you need to have your bottled water handy. we are here live in north baltimore at one of the city's cooling centers.
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a good place to cool off today. because of the high temperatures and potential danger, we are under a code red heat alert which means staying cool is a top priority. baltimore city will open emergency cooling centers. each will have cool air and free water available for folks. the community action program will operate five centers around the city and we caught up with people around the area finding different ways to try to beat the heat. but one thing is for sure. they are taking the hot temperatures very seriously. these centers will be opened from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. today. the hot temperatures can be deadly in some cases. baltimore city has already reported at least two heat related deaths this summer. both victims were elderly. you want to be sure to check on your neighbors and check on theelderly and make sure people are doing okay in the hot temperatures. and you can also head to the go to the home page and click on the slide show. we have a hot weather guide with a list of cooling centers and locations and the times they are open. reporting live in north
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baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. maryland republican cos grenman andy harris is fired up this morning over president o-- congressman andy harris is fired up this morning over the president obama's plan. many republicans like congressman harris remain adamant they won't support anything amounting to a tax increase. >> don't care whether we call it expenditures in the tax code or revenues what they are, they are taxes on our job creators. and our job creators responded by not creating jobs. >> neither side is showing any flexibility that might generate hopes for a quick agreement. president and vice president will speak with other lawmakers on the issue. all right. looking at news from around nation this morning. a fan nearly falls from the stands trying to catch a home run ball during the --y.
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that is photo taken by the associated -- during the home run derby. he had friends there to catch him. one friend grabbed his leg and the other wrapped up his armament he was pulled back to the safety of his seat and this happened on the same day of the funeral of the rangers fan trying to catch a ball. we accidently showed that video a few moments ago and our apologies for that. this roller coaster ride was an extra spine tingling event. the giant coaster was stuck on the track at six flags over texas. they were stranded 14 stories high for half an hour. here you can see staffers coming out to escort them back to the ground. no injuries were reported. probably just a couple frayed nerves and that roller coaster was up again the next day. this was a second time in three days that roller coaster had to be shut down. however, six flags officials say the ride is safe and they blame the problems on
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"technical glitches." nothing wrong with babies but the fact you can't control their volume. and there may be restaurants that prefer to kateer to such things. -- cater to such things but not here. >> no shoes no shirt no service. that makes sense to a lot of us. but a restaurant in pennsylvania is stirring up controversy this morning with what they want to do which is ban children. mcdane's is a golf driving range and restaurants but starting next week kids under 6 no longer welcomeed. in fact, the owner says that bringing kids to the restaurant is the height of being inpolite and selfish and says he is confident that most of his patrons will support this rule. so, we want to know what you think about this. we asked you. it's posted on the wmar facebook fan page. we asked you to weigh in and give your two cents. some of you are weighing in. dana wrote in kind of not cool
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but at the same time, i've been a waitress and get it. about 14 other comments coming in this morning so keep the comments coming and we like to hear what you think. everything you sign up for on the internet turns out that something else guides you to some other site. >> find out what groupon hopes to accomplish by tracking your purchase and how it might help you. the cost of groceries continue to rise. coupons are a great way to save money. stars want -- stores want to help but if you get too good at clipping them they will stop youso they can make monday imwe will explain that coming in a-- money. we will explain all that coming on "good morning maryland" it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii.
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now "good morning
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maryland." 6:41. first your iphone tracks you and now the group sites for coupons groupon turns out they may know more than you think. it's aer willed 83 million subscribers of the changes in and privacy policy where you get the daily deals. well, now they are collecting your personal information along with the location data and this is all from the moble device. they plan to share the information with partner sites such as expediaa. groupon says they will allow major targeted deals so you can control information collected. there's store that says some shoppers are taking things too far called extreme couponers. now what they are doing is shaving grocery bill down to a couple bucks with the creative use of coupons. now stores are cracking down on the method altogether. some chains like rite aid
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arelimiting the numbers of identical coupons they can use to four. target uses them to use by one get one so they get both items for free. she left a lasting legacy and saved lives with so many battling addiction. >> hundreds of people are expected to say bye to former first lady betty ford. who will give the eulogy for her later today. she stopped short of saying she will run for president. what sarah palin had to say about president obama's chances of winning a second term. and he is an expert in his field but what did he with historical artifacts anything but smart. we will tell you why the two guys are in trouble this morning.
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good morning "maryland. it's tuesday morning this is your abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's go to to it the the big store iest day. it's the heat and mere meteorologist justin berk. >> 39 was the high yesterday. -- 93 was the high yesterday. 95 in hagerstown and winchester. this morning we are down into
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the 70s. it's 80 at the inner harbor but we are looking at 75 in baltimore. and it feels like 79 to the low 80s out there. a sultry day going for 90s by lunchtime. 97 the two degree guaranteed high tying a record set in 1908. it will feel like 105 and we will have isolated storms and we will talk about the extended forecast with a major improvement coming up. how about the roads right now here tonya. >> reporter: we are doing okay out there. if you are commuting to the baltimore beltway volume but no delays. things are moving saturday 50 and sandy point. no problem with the toll plaza. vehicles on the right shoulder. serious accident in carroll county route 30 at business 30, near wolf hill drive. one southbound lane is opened. back to you. >> thanks. the a boy is absucked condition police -- abducked on the streets of bolt -- abducted on the streets of baltimore and
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police need your help. >> reporter: unfortunately witnesses were not able to get the tag number of the car but police say it was a light green newer model ford taurus with maryland plates. let's look at the picture. 8-year-old darrick charles brown was walking with a group of friends in the 300 block of gwynne avenue in southwest baltimore around 6:30 last nightand witnesses say the green torr use that -- taurus stopped suddenly and two people were in the car. one of them got out and grabbed darrick and threw him in the trunk before speeding away. he was wearing a black shirt with a red and white rocket and black shorts. if you've seen the boy or light green newer model ford taurus call 911 or 410-396-# 100. we have the -- 2100. we have the latest on we have a picture of the boy and it's the first story in the slide show. all the details surrounding the
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amber alert. live in the interactive news sent e. linda so, abc2 -- center, linda so, abc2 news. a man is behind bars acuffed abducting his girlfriend's son. michael terrell turned himself in a week after the incident. he took the boy last week but later that day dropped him off at a nursing home. terrell is held without bail in the detention center in carroll county. an update on a gas leak we told you about last night. this has been fixed. interstate 270 is back open this morning. work on the leak continued throughout the night. officials didn't expect any problems for drivers during the morning's commute. construction workers severed an 8 inch gas main on clarksburg road that happened around 4:30 on a monday afternoon. both lanes of the interstatewere closed and businesses on the commercial strip were evacuated. a 9-year-old boy is recovering after he was hurt in a car accident that killed three other people.
6:49 am
police are saying the crash happened on i-295 in new jersey when it crashed into a tree and burst into flames. three adults were trapped in the carp and they were pronounced dead at the scene. two of them were from our state. a 24-year-old and 27-year-old man as well as arthur bry. scoe. jesse jones was the boy's mother. a historian and another man are behind bars. barry landau and yeason savedoff took allegedly took historical documents from the maryland historical society. landau boast one of the largest collection white house memorabilia outside presidential libraries and museums. police say the duo took 60 documents including some signed by president lincoln. both men were held without bail. a prelimb marchy hearing is set for -- preliminary hearing is set for next month. friends and family gather to say bye to betty ford.
6:50 am
a private funeral service will be held for the former first lady today at st. margaret episcopal church in palm desert, california. cokey roberts will join roselyn carter and a member of the betty ford center part of the member of board to eulogize mrs. ford. after the private service is held a. public service will be able to pay tribute and a second funeral is set for thursday afternoon in grand rapids michigan where ford grew up. betty ford passed away on a friday at the age of 9 3. her legacy includes cofounding the california substance abuse senter that bears her name. new efforts to pass a marriage equality bill. maryland marriage equality advocates will announce a launch of a broad campaign to push for the passage of a civil marriage in the 2012 legislative session. they will make the announcement this morning at baltimore city hall. members of the being aan american community will meet with the superintendent of schools from anne arundel
6:51 am
county to discuss complaints filed regarding the treatment of being aan american students in the public schools. the president of the anne arundel county chapter of the naacp wrote a leter to the u.s. education department. in that it said being aan americans students are denied equal education opportunities and discipline differently than other students within the district. in democracy 2012 news this morning, she has not announced her intent to run for president but if she does she says she can win. sarah palin said she could beat president obama in the national election and america is ready for a change. she says "i am not so egotistical to believe it has to be me or that it can only be me to turn things around but i believe i can win" palin has been flirting with seeking republican nomination for president for a while. the grand prix is less than two months away and if you've driven in the city you notice construction that is probably slowed you down. city official want to assure you that the city will not be closed for the grand prix race
6:52 am
during the labor day weekend. july 25th, you will see barriers going up road closings are not going to start until the night of august 29th. so far 100,000 people they are expected to be part of the congestion on race weekend but those in charge tell us that benefits hosting the grand prix are well worth it. there's going to be three planned public meetings so you can know everything going on traffic wise. to see the dates go to and click under the top stories for more information. news time 6:52. five things to know before heading out the door this morning. the astronauts on atlantis have a busy day ahead. they are going to conduct the mission's only space walk later during the scheduled 6 1/2 hour trek. flight engineers will conduct test including retrieving a failed pump module. wikileaks editor will gill his appeal to extra diction to sweden. he denies the accusations and says there's an attempt to
6:53 am
smear him. case is not related to his website that made headlines last year for leaking documents and videos related to the wars in iraq and afghanistan. jaycee dugard will release her memoirs today giving insight into her years in captivity. she was abducted at 11 by phillip garrido and held for 18 years bearing two children with him. and a big honor for a millarea man. -- military man. the sergeant first class reroy petary will be award the med afl honor. he is the second living active duty service member to receive the honor for being as in iraq and afghanistan. the all star game is today in phoenix is going to be one familiar face behind the plate. baltimore orioles catcher is the only member of the team to make the game this year. he is the first catcher from the orioles to play in the all star game since 1989. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most
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accurate by weatherate. >> familiar face mask is good enough. today, temperatures will peak out. we add humidity and you know forget about the temperatures. this is bragging rights. heat index 79 in baltimore. feels like 82 in roanoke and charlotte and feels like 91 in st. louis but they did hit 100 yesterday. heat slides east and gets pressed south. here's why. overall pattern follow that clockwise flow. you can see the storms diving their way. this is interesting. diving down the mountain and pulling their way southwestward. that little complex by the way providing us with the morning clouds. a little disturbance like yesterday afternoon the storm that blew in and enhanced a line that came through the region in the evening. we could get a little burst of the next hour or two watching to see if anything develops around the chesapeake as models indicated. otherwise we are watching this thing start to run its course. it's going to be all about the heat today as the humidity is with us. and a slight spark with a frontal wouldn'try to the --
6:55 am
boundary to the northwest. but most energy will be pushed to the east. but it's warm and muggy. there will be a chance of storms firing up as the future radar incates. that's -- indicates and that's 5 minutes away. there could be something popping up next hour. then we will watch for showers possibly around the chesapeake eastern shore. this afternoon or this evening, we take some of the steam out of the area and an isolated shower possible. 97 today. that's the two degree guarantee. that would tie a record in 1908 but it. >> feel like 105. fet like 100 yesterday. so he tag -- felt like # 100 yesterday. tag -- like 100 yesterday. temperatures back down to 70 and we take the punch out of the air and hold 90s tomorrow but it will feel more comfortable. 86 thursday. friday and saturday mid-80s lows in the 60s and 90s try to make a return by early next week. how about the traffic? >> reporter: camden line 843
6:56 am
and 406 are six minutes late. we have volume out there but the traffic is moving. so not any major problems. this is 695 at liberty road. traffic is moving in both directions outer loop to the right and inner loop on the left. so no problems to report here. we are doing okay top side of the beltway. carroll county has serious accident that's been there. route 30 at business 30 accident near wolf hill drive. one southbound lane is getting by. police are directing traffic there. so that's the only thing that's going on. earlier disabled vehicle cleared out of the fort mchenry tunnel. >> now from the department of things could be worse high temperatures yesterday oklahoma city. >> 110. >> 108. >> close. >> joplin missouri. think about everything they are dealing with. >> am i on quiz now. >> think about this 10 #. >> that's disgusting. >> felt like 115. >> it will feel like 105 so we can brag about that. >> but remember when it was snowing. >> that's true. >> we could dream.
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>> i will take this. >> me too. >> let's go to new york. >> see you in a bit. have a great day. woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. check this out... boo-yah! shazam! h2...o!
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